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- Patent Search Report is a result of already registered patents or other documents (Prior art, Method etc.). It ensures the uniqueness of your inventions and increases the possibility of Patent Registration.
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Patent Search

An Overview- Patent Search

Patent registration is a step initiated by the government of India to protect the inventions of people by giving them rights over it. For patent filing in India, people will have to provide all the proof of uniqueness of their inventions. It can be done through patent search service.

Patent prevents others from using, making, selling, importing or exporting an invention without the approval of its owner. It gives intellectual property rights to the owners over inventions. Patent has a validation period of 20 years from the date of filing.

A careful and rigorous checking is done before granting such rights. it includes whether the product is inventive or possesses utility and earlier covered in any published documents. Patent authorities check the intellectual property regulator of India’s database, to find the existence of any inventions similar to the applicant's invention.

Documents required for Patent Filing in India

Documents required for patent filing in India are-

  • The complete specifications and descriptions of invention or product.
  • Complete details of inventor ( name, nationality and address etc).
  • Identity proof and address proof of the applicant.
  • Power of attorney (only if patent application is filed by patent agent India).
  • Assignment agreement or endorsed application form (in case the inventor is not an applicant).
  • Details of corresponding international applications.(As per Information and Undertaking under section 8)
  • A verified english translation of convention or priority applications.
  • A verified english translation of PCT application (for national phase applications). It can be verified by a patent agent on applicant's behalf.
  • A certified copy of priority application, if requested by controller of patent (in case when priority documents are not submitted to the international bureau).

A copy of permission from the National Biodiversity Authority (in case of biological materials used in the invention).

Benefits of Patent Search

The benefits of patent search in India are-

  • It can determine the possibility of your patent application to be granted.
  • It determines the validation of your products or inventions.
  • It will help you to know about similar inventions, if they exist.
  • It Improves the chances of patent registration in India.
  • Patent search saves your time and money in the case of identical patents registered.

Why Patent Search?

Every year, thousands of patent applications are filed to the patent authorities. While most of the patent applications are not approved by them. The reason behind it is, the similarities in the inventions/applications or steps of invention.

For example, every year pharmaceutical companies in India file for patents after the inventions of any drug. And due to similarity in some steps or formulas of research and development of the drug, it gets rejected. Thus, instead of directly opting for patent registration process it is best to go through patent search.

Checklist for Patenting Inventions

Here are some conditions for patenting Inventions or Products. Following key points are important to consider before patent filing.

  • The process, manner, art and method of invention.
  • The apparatus, machines or other articles used.
  • The things produced through invention
  • Patent products used for food, drugs and medicines.

FAQs on Indian Patent Search

Patent Search Report is a record of already registered patents or other documents (Prior art, Method etc.). It ensures the uniqueness of your inventions and increases the possibility of Patent Registration.
A patent search is a valuable tool, which saves applicant's time and money in case of similar inventions. It determines whether your products or invention is valid or not.
A registered patent has a validity of 20 years as per patent law.
Patent filing in India enables the applicants to apply for the same invention in other countries, within 12 months from the filing date in India. So, applicants will have to get separate patents in different countries. However, there is no global patent system.
Patent registration is very important because it prevents others from using, making and selling of products or inventions without approval of its owners.
Anyone, who is a true inventor of an invention or his assignee can furnish a patent application. However, a legal person or representative of a deceased person has the right for patent filing.
The permanent patent right is a legal right given to the inventor exclusively, to prohibit others from infringement with his/her invention.
Yes, a Public Patent Search database is available, but it is advised to use it with the help of an expert in this field.

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